Monday, 10 January 2011

Tree-inspired Eco apartments in Mexico

This beautiful apartment block, designed by Taller 13 and built in Mexico City, is both environmentally and aesthetically pleasing. The design was created to mimic the the trees of the neighbourhood, inspired by both their form and their resistance to seismic activity.

The apartment building includes seven units with split levels and views of both the street and the quiet interior courtyard. Each apartment is properly isolated from the others with strawbales to improve insulation as well as sound barriers – you won’t hear crying babies here! Hot water is heated by a solar water system, rainwater is collected from the roof and waste is managed through a recycling program. On top of all that, non-toxic paint and certified wood were used, and there are terraces all throughout the building that allow residents to grow their own food.

Structurally, the building is designed to withstand seismic activity and its skeletal structure optimizes the use of materials (besides just looking plain cool). The form of the concrete beams and framing was inspired by the beautiful, shady trees of the neighborhood. On the roof, a large bamboo structure has been built in order to create a large living shade installation once the plants start growing over it.

Anthony J.

Adapted from INHABITAT

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